Juwelier Vogl

Juwelier Vogl | Photography

photo camping for 100 years Juwelier Vogl


SSZ Sued | Publication

From 2011 to 2017 years I was the artistic director of an independent art space in Cologne. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to work with great artists and get a deep understanding of how these artists interact with the gallery space.

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce, that a comprehensive catalog about this time has finally been published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, with texts by art historians Kim Knoppers and Wolfgang Ullrich.

The catalog provides a well-founded insight into the exhibition program, the poster series, exhibition texts and installation views and thus allows exciting conclusions to be drawn about the working methods of a young generation of artists.

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Juwelier Vogl

Juwelier Vogl | Photography

SSZ Sued | Publication

Der Weg zur Arbeit / Der Weg nach Hause | on going project

Sainte Réalité | Photography

Matthias Ginter fotografiert von Alexander Basile

Matthias Ginter | Photography

Valentino Lazaro by Alexander Basile

Valentino Lazaro | Photography

Jan Böhmermann aka POL1Z1STENS0HN photo by Alexander Basile

Jan Böhmermann | Photography

David Alaba | Photography

Subjekt und Objekt, Katalog, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Alexander Basile


Subjekt und Objekt - Kunsthalle Düsseldorf | Exhibition

Museum Morsbroich, Alexander Basile

Next Generations | Group Show

Is it me? | screening

Jüdisches Museum Berlin | Photography

Alexander Basile - YOU is always someone else - exhibition - Stefan Schuelke Fine Books

YOU is always someone else | exhibition

Vortrag Alexander Basile

Das Künstlerprofil im Zeitalter von Katzenvideos | LECTURE

MARCELO BURLON FW 2018 | Fashion Film

a Glimpse by Alexander Basile

a glimpse | short film

Morgan | short film

Alexander Basile for Marcelo Burlon

marcelo burlon | fashion film



Juwelier Vogl | photography

zalando | commercial

MONCLER | fashion film

Marcelo Burlon | fashion film

GET USED TO IT | documentary

Hugo Boss | fashion film

RANDLAND | exhibition

SSZ SUED Poster Rheinverlag

SSZ SUED | curatorial project

CAMERA AUSTRIA | publication

HERMÈS | fashion film

Entering A Gallery | video art

Absolute Event Horizon | exhibition

How Things Shouldn't Be Done | curatorial project

a possible scenario | video art

Landscapes of Desire | book

UNSEEN, Installation 2014

A Trustful Invitation | curatorial project

The Plantation Studio | interview

DIE AUSSTELLUNG | curatorial project



untitled, 2013 | exhibition

NYC.C from New York to Cologne | curatorial project

VOM PHOTO | curatorial project

Dazed&Confused | interview

Ed van der Elsken photo book study | curatorial project

SEKONIC | publication

Monopol - interview

Hidden Magazine Tokyo | interview

Code Magazine | interview

VOM PHOTO - Photomuseum Thessaloniki | curatorial project

Thomas Ruff for Dazed&Confused | Editorial

Frido Fiebinger for Kingpin Magazine | photography

Carhartt WIP | campaign

So lange niemand die Lichthupe zieht, driftest du nach rechts,Museum Ludwig | performance

Jamie Smith, the XX | photography

VOM PHOTO | curatorial project

DIRT OLLIES - publication

Skateboarder acting in space - photography

Cognitive mapping São Paulo - photography