Morgan | short film

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What does globalisation sound like?

In this film we follow Morgan through his hometown Lüderitz, a small harbor town in the south of Namibia. Located between desert and ocean, the climate is harsh and the wind omnipresent, constant and ceaseless. Once prosperous and flourishing, due to the diamond rush in1909, Lüderitz is said to be located on one of the least hospitable coasts in Africa.

The film by German-South African duo, negotiates the feeling of closeness and distance which we encounter by way of the foreign landscape - faced with the familiar - in the shape of enumerated brand names. On the peripheries of the city, Morgan looks into the distance and at the same time lays his gaze on us.

Winner - Best Indie Short (Bronze) ISF, Hollywood 2018
Winner - Best Cinematography Global Shorts 2018
Finalist - Best Cinematography Moscow Shorts 2018
Nomination - Best Cinematography ARFF, Barcelona 2019
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