a possible scenario | video art

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a film by Alexander Basile

Airports are part of an internationally legible and universally standardized system of signs
and procedures. Every situation at an airport is a copy of an already familiar one.

In his most recent film, conceptual artist Alexander Basile examines universally standardized
system of signs and procedures and stages an airport as a space of social agency embedded
in its function as a site of transit and commerce.

• Ficarq Festival Internacional De Cine Y Arquitectura – Avilés (IV) Santander Spain June 28, 2016

• Blow Up • Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival Nomitation U.S.A. Oktober 2016

UNSEEN Festival Amsterdam Amsterdam September 18, 2015

• Bucharest ShortCut CineFest Bucharest Romania May 25, 2016

• Roma Cinema DOC Rome Italy May 31, 2016

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