Skateboarder acting in space - photography

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This series, shot on variable film-sizes, examines the multifaceted urban perception of the skateboarder. How is the city that seems to be more and more tamed into a controllable economic structure used by that experienced pirate, the skater? How does he use his own inner maps and sketches of the city’s architecture? Something that he yearns to skate on and use for tricks.

The photography shows the skater interacting with the urban environment and the physical contact with brick, concrete, glass, metal and wood. A skater can truly get to know these architectural elements of a modern city on his constant mission to experience the urban landscape with his body and his sense of balance.
Ironically it is the skaters who ultimately get banned from this area.

Various locations, 2002 – 2008

Part of privat and public collections including Schunck Museum Heerlen and Stadt Kölnischen Kunstbesitz

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