Paris-based luxury label Hermès has crafted a skate mixtape-esque video
to show off their new collection of Maxi-twilly cut scarves.

Set in an isolated skatepark, the clip follows two models as they
skate and frolic through the landscape. Making use of seamless
or flowing transitions and motions throughout the video,
the clip does well to represent the effortlessness of the scarves themselves.

Directed by Fred Mortagne
Director of Photography Alexander Basile
Client: Blam Studio

Entering A Gallery

For his curatorial project “How Things Shouldn’t Be Done” at gallery Clement & Schneider Bonn, Alexander Basile created a video piece which was shown only before the opening on social media websites.


Entering A Gallery

Absolute Event Horizone

How Things Shouldn't Be Done

a possible scenario

Kölnischer Kunstverein - Alexander Basile im Gespräch mit Markus Lüttgen

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The Cologne Art Book Fair


UNSEEN, Installation 2014

A Trustful Invitation


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untitled, 2014


Landscapes of Desire, Alwin Lay & Alexander Basile


untitled, 2013


Monopol - April Köln Special


Das Blut an meinen Händen

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Ed van der Elsken photobook study - ParisPhoto 2011

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Performances sind ok, muss man nicht so viel mitbringen, machen einen aber schon krass nervös. Weiß auch nie wie die so werden. Aber das ist ganz gut daran. - Simultanhalle, Cologne

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Emerging Sculpture 4

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Skateboarder acting in space

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